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BUT.HER © 2019

About Us

BUT.HER is a leading online retailer of Women's Fashion Apparel offering the latest of fashion trends. BUT.HER was created by a group of three best friends for women who are a lot like themselves. The everyday girl who wants to Conquer the day and SLAY the night!

BUT.HER women have two sides, kind of like an alter ego. Our Lady by day is conquering that 9 to 5, making boss moves as an entrepreneur, or out for brunch with friends. Our Bae by night is turning heads with bae or slaying with the girls. Whatever the case may be, BUT.HER has you covered.

So as you see, BUT.HER Baes can be classy and chic, or sexy and sassy. Whatever the mood, BUT.HER exists to make women look bold and feel confident. Forever evolving, forever chic!

When no one stands out "BUT.HER"